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The Michelin Star Kitchen

Pied a Terre in Fitzrovia is one of London's truly great restaurants. Founded in 1991 by restaurateur David Moore, it has consistently attracted the highest awards. It currently holds one Michelin star, with high hopes of winning back its second under 29-year-old Head Chef Asimakis Chaniotis, one of the UK's most exciting young culinary stars. Martin Moore have an ongoing relationship with Pied a Terre, which has seen Asimakis cooking for invited audiences in many of their showrooms. His enjoyment of working in these spaces sparked the genesis of a completely new concept at Pied a Terre ... a "home from home" kitchen. This highly equipped and intensely practical kitchen intentionally offers just eight seats. In this stunning new setting Pied a Terre are scheduling cookery masterclasses, private dining and a more intimate Chef's Table than anywhere else in London.